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How does Untrips work?

Untrips helps to meet those who need quickly to sell their travels, airline tickets, cruises or hotel reservations, and those who want to get a good deal of travel, airline tickets, cruises, etc.

Meeting place Untrips

Travelers, who cannot make it to planned trip, publish their trip offers at Untrips. On the other hand, travelers who want to buy a bargain for a bargain price go to Untrips to view them. Untrips offers can be purchased by travel agents from around the world.

Profitable purchase of a trip

Once a traveler has made a choice, he can purchase a trip, airline ticket, cruise or hotel reservation. The money for this purchase will go to our Untrips account. We will change the travel data, if it will be possible. Occasionally, the purchase of airline tickets, cruises and other travel vendors do not allow it.

Confirmation of the trip and payment

If the travel data change succeeds, we will credit the travel vendor account, but we will send all the booking documents to the traveler. If the change of data for some reason does not succeed, we will transfer the paid money back to the buyer's account, and we will inform the seller of this fact.

You will especially like Untrips!

Profitable deal

At Untrips you will find trips, airline tickets, hotel reservations, cruises and other travel offers at extremely affordable prices.


Both the buyer and the seller of the trip will always have a look at the status of the transaction. Untrips will notify you by email.

100% safe

Guaranteed repayment of money. If we do not change the data, we will refund the money back. If the change of data will be successful, we will make a settlement within 5 days.

Trips all around the world

Untrips tours, flight tickets and other offers can be purchased from anywhere in the world.