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Slaptažodžio atkūrimas

Slaptažodžio atkūrimas

Terms of cooperation

Agency agreement


This Agreement forms an agreement between You (hereinafter referred to as the Seller) and Untrips LLC, reg.No. 40203057998 (hereinafter referred to as the Agent) and applies to sellers who wish to use (hereinafter - UNTRIPS) for the sale of their tickets, reservations and other units.


In accordance with this Agreement, the Agent undertakes to carry out on the Seller's behalf and at the expense of the Seller the folllowing Service (hereinafter - the Service) - sale of the ticket/-s reservation/-s and other ownership right/-s to the particular event (hereinafter - the Unit). The Seller undertakes to pay to the Agent remuneration for the Services performed and to compensate all Agent expenses he incurred during the performance of the contract.



By registering for the Services, you must read and accept all terms and conditions of this Agreement.

You agree that any use of the Services means that you fully agree with the Agreement, as well as with other terms that are published on the UNTRIPS homepage and are binding. We encourage you to store or print a copy of the contract.



The Seller is granted access to the Service by signing up at

Under this agreement, the Agent undertakes to do the following:

  1. To arrange and sell Seller's Unit, as well as to receive the Unit sales amount and transfer it to the Seller's account;
  2. To respond promptly to all Unit purchasers' requests for the Service in order to fulfill the contractual obligations;

The Agent is entitled:

  1. To conclude a contract with the Unit purchaser on behalf of the Seller and receive from the purchaser a payment for the Unit;
  2. After Commission withhold to transfer the Unit price amount to the Seller.

The Agent is obliged to carry out the Agreement activities in an appropriate and timely manner.

The Agent must follow the Seller's instructions regarding the Unit Price.

The Agent is not responsible for the behavior of the Unit purchasers or the change of decision, including the behavior that results in the Unit losing its value.

The Seller is obliged to:

  1. To pay the Agent remuneration (Commissions) for the Services performed in accordance with the procedure specified in the Agreement.
  2. To accept Services provided by the Agent in accordance with this Agreement.

For Services provided the Agent has the right to withhold the commission fee from the amount of money received from the purchaser of the Unit.

The Unit must meet the required standards and be confirmed by the relevant documentation.


Agent's renumeration (Commision) for the Service provided by the Agent constitutes 10% (ten percent) and is added to the Seller's Unit price before the Unit is located on UNTRIPS.

In case of successful Units ownership right transfer to the buyer, the Agent shall withhold the Commission due to him from the amount of money transferred by the buyer of the Unit to the Agent's bank account. The remaining amount of money the Agent shall transfer to the Seller within 2 (two) days as from the Unit ownership rights transfer to the buyer.


In the event one of the parties fails to fulfill or improperly fulfills the contractual obligations, it is obliged to compensate the losses incurred by the other party.

The Agent shall not be liable to the Seller for the third party failure to fulfill the agreement which is entered on behalf of the Seller. In the event of third party failure to fulfil such agreement, the Agent shall be obliged to immediately notify the Seller thereof.


The terms of this agreement are confidential and can not be disclosed.


All disputes arising out of this Agreement and its execution shall be settled by mutual agreement between the Parties. If the agreement is not reached within one month, the disputes shall be referred to court in accordance with the procedure specified in the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia. Contract is governed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.


The Agreement is effective as long as the Seller Unit is registered on UNTRIPS. When Unit is sold and the Agent receives remuneration for the Service, the Agreement regarding particular Unit shall be considered terminated.

The Agreement shall be considered terminated in case the Seller intercepts Unit registration whithin UNTRIPS and withdraws it from the UNTRIPS list.



The provisions provided by the Agreement may be modified by the Agent unilaterally. The Seller is obliged to follow the terms of the Agreement published on the UNTRIPS homepage. In case the Seller has objections regarding the amendment of the Agreement, the Seller has the right to intercept the Unit registration within UNTRIPS and terminate it.